DinoArt provides a comprehensive and systematic way of inducing, practicing and training to all learners, by combining colours, sculpture, and mental training which enable students to appreciate and learn art in a fun way.
This will unleash the hidden potential of creativity of all children. Students learn through systematic training.
DinoArt uses numerous lively, colourful and realistic designs that are attractive and influential, that directly stimulate the senses of young children and help the development of abstract thinking and creativity


What are the benefits of robotics in UCMAS?


Every parent takes pride in a gifted child, be it in music, painting, martial arts etc. UCMAS education offers a platform to transform a new idea into an invention that might end up being a ground-breaking innovation in the world of science.

Your child’s knack for knocking metal into shape and using old batteries to create a potato charger if encouraged and with the right education could in future, be one of the leading discoveries in the world.

Coming Soon stay tuned




Coming soon stay tuned.