iLEAP Club Mississauga unlocks the potential of children so they can achieve more on their own. The iLEAP Club Program allows children of ages from 6-16 (from Grade 1 to Grade 11) to build valuable life soft skills to have a richer, and more successful and happier future. iLEAP Club is a place where children are motivated to achieve more by gaining a sense of accomplishment that fosters further achievement, drives them to perform at their highest potential and builds confidence.

Attend iLEAP Program to learn how to:

  • Deal effectively with bullying, and anxiety.
  • Discover inner leader.
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Achieve better grades and better report card.
  • Build a solid foundation for the future.
  • Give and receive valuable and actionable feedback.
  • Clearly and concisely articulate your message.
  • Persuade others to support your ideas.
  • Manage your presence and maintain composure in stressful circumstances.

Some of the 112 Soft Skills that Your Child Will Learn:

Leadership Skills
Communication Skills
Public Speaking Skills
Presentation Skills
Initiative Skills
Time Management Skills
Listening Skills
Note Taking Skills
Thinking on Feet Skills
Story & Joke Telling Skills
How to give Feedback Skills
Money Management Skills
Healthy Living Skills
Social Responsibility Skills
Environmental Responsibility Skills
Innovations Skills & Interpersonal Skills
Entrepreneur Skills
Evaluation Skills
Critical & Creative Thinking Skills


Engaging Experiences Today… Big Skills Tomorrow


Every parent takes pride in a gifted child, be it in music, painting, martial arts etc. UCMAS education offers a platform to transform a new idea into an invention that might end up being a ground-breaking innovation in the world of science.

Your child’s knack for knocking metal into shape and using old batteries to create a potato charger if encouraged and with the right education could in future, be one of the leading discoveries in the world.

O’Botz is a multi-disciplinary Robotics program with a specially designed curriculum to teach young children about Robotics. The program allows children to explore technologies in the domains of Electronics, Mechanical, Programming and Algorithms.

O’Botz is an expansive 7 level program covering basic Electronic circuits to Walking Robots. The USP of the course is that each student will get a new take-away kit and textbook in each level. Each student has to give an exam after each level, passing which he is acknowledged with a certificate.

Also, skill development is quite imperative, and such a course will not only develop scientific skills but also enhance creative and leadership skills.

Robotics Program Benefits

  • Proficiency in Math
  • Active life-time learners
  • Self-motivated workers
  • Team workers
  • Resourceful
  • Problem-solvers


Coming soon stay tuned.